About Otocron

The blog part of this site is about all things interdisciplinary, cross-over, converging and transmedial. Emerging fields of work and practice where previously more seperate disiplines meet and develop new forms. These kind of interdisciplinary breeding of practices and disciplines is typical for a culture in which more and more of the research and developments tools, and the ways, spaces and times to share knowledge are increaslingly connected.

This site is also intended to be a public collection of my writings, work with students, and will also collect and make public other lines of my work and play.

The name Otocron is a fonetic imitiation of the name of a radio character that dwelled in the regional FM frequencies in Amsterdam, North-Holland, the Netherlands throughout the nineties of the 20st century.

Otocron is maintained by Klaas Kuitenbrouwer. For a generalist, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer can uphold a discussion with a rather wide range of specialists for quite some time. For a specialist, however, he too easily wanders of to not too closely related topics, and he doesn’t always remember the right name at the right time.

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