Here are the plans and assignments for the DOGTime ID/UM students, MaHKU students, and IPDG students.


With the  maHKU students I will work on a more elaborate version of the Ficitious Organisation assignment that is also a part of the DOGTime curriculum. It is a design assignment, rooted in relational design, with a focus on the visual aspects of the fictitious organisation (its visual style and behaviour)  and its visual representation.


• 3rd years get 6 to 8 assignments, spread over the year. The last one is the pressure cooker project, done together with the 4th year.
• 4th years make and visualise a plan of what they want to do and learn in their 4th year.
• 5th years develop the (concepts for) the works for their final exam.

Assignments for the 3rd year:
Situated Story
Fictitious Organisation

Re-mediation (coming)
Personal Experience (coming)
Improvisation (coming)

• Relational design – relational aesthetics (ref. Bourriaud, Bishop, Hirschorn, de Certau)
• Technical mediation (ref. Flusser, McLuhan, Frasca, Mulder…)
• Systems and networks – ActorNetworkTheory (ref, Darwin, Conway, Latour, Galloway…)
• Algorithmical culture – game, play, rules, constraints (ref. Zimmerman, Huizinga, Juul…)
• Narratives (ref. Aristotle, Barthes, Aarseth…)

The 4 Corners of ID/UM
• Relational
• Contextual
• Technology
- Audrey Samson’s site on hardware hacking and free software.
- The DOGtime Free Tech Repository Idumtech
- The Tech lab…
• Clarity

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