Oorbeek Surround Ombromanie at the IFFR

More exciting Oorbeek news: at february 3, 2011 Oorbeek will deliver another Ombromanie experience. Technically it is the reversed version of the Ombromanie session in the Vondelpark Gazebo – see pictures at my Facebookpage - since in Rotterdam the audience will be in the middle of the space, and Oorbeek will be projected all around them, in full 4D (yes, the skin is the inside of the universe). Furthermore Laurel Elam Howard will be joining in the vocal range of sonics!
It will all happen at the HILTON hotel/yourspace, Kruiskade 9, Rotterdam. Pips:Lab has graciously lent us their 3D oculair to be able to document this event as true as possible to its original form…

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